RSW And A Tag Team that needs a name

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RSW And A Tag Team that needs a name Empty RSW And A Tag Team that needs a name

Post by Louden on Mon Dec 20, 2010 4:18 pm

hello my fellow caw lovers it is I louden styles the man of RKDA FDW and wrestler for RSW now for the people who saw rsw you probally saw yours trully get beat by CAW's Most Lovable DouchBag Ryan McClean for the RSW Championship but hey you win some you lose some and I will get my payback but for now ol louden styles is in rsw thinking what to do next and then it hit me why don't i form a tag team with keiro starr and for all of you think you can help us with a name me and starr came up with Loud Ca$h Inc. tell me what you think of the name if you don't like it, leave a comment on what we should be call that is all from this guy..LOOOOOOUUUUUDDDDDEEENNN STYYYYLLLLLEEESSSS......and no i'm not saying my last name again


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